Jems Architekci – International Congress Centre Katowice – 2015


Jems Architekci:

The Katowice International Conference Centre project situated nearby the Spodek arena erected in 1962 posed a challenge in both urban planning and architectural terms.
The general philosophy behind the design was to create a facility with a value created not only by providing functional solutions of a utilitarian nature, but also by creating conditions for its existence within the social space of the city. The Centre building, with its straightforward, distinct and clear-cut form, has been integrated into the public space of the city through links provided along the city s key axis connecting the “honorary” square in front of Spodek and the city s oldest, historic district of Bogucice. The links are implemented in a two-fold manner: in the form of a public passageway across the main hall and foyer of the Centre (a link to be used especially during open events, such as fairs or exhibitions) and in the form of an external route running over the building roof (green valley), which may be used throughout the year for events such as outdoor exhibitions or happenings.
This philosophy has led to the formation of the building, its core composition elements being the roof (green valley), integrated into a system of land slopes and natural diversity of terrain, and the hall/foyer space below, taking advantage of the ceiling deformation as a unique feature, a negative of the ai???green valleyai??? form. The structure shaped this way meets both the expectations arising from its importance and prestige, and from the need to make it an inherent part of the landscape surrounding the Spodek Arena, which will remain a dominant landmark within the space of this part of the city.


Architect: JEMS, Poland
Location: Spodek, aleja Korfantego 35, 40-005 Katowice, Poland
Competition: 2008 1st prize;
Design: 2009-2011;
Construction: 2012-2015;
Basic Architect Team: Olgierd Jagie o, Wojciech Kotecki, Pawe Majkusiak, Maciej Mi ob dzki, Jacek Mroczkowski, Marcin Sadowski, Jerzy Szczepanik-Dzikowski;
Client: The City of Katowice
Total area: 37 902 m2
Usable area: 33962 m2
Cubic volume: 378 069m2
Photography: Juliusz Soko owski / Jacek Mroczkowski / Wojciech Radwa ski

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