DO architects – Foodcourt and Square – 2014

DO architects:

A pilot food court project kick-starts the transformation of Ogmios City, the largest commercial precinct in the Baltic Region. A holistic long-term plan guides the on-going development and future success of this territory, located only two kilometres north of Vilnius new city centre.
The food court is a conversion of an existing commercial building that is reborn into an attractive and engaging structure containing trendy cafes and lively restaurants. A series of
new openings penetrate the timber-clad facade to draw light into the building, creating bright, naturally lit interiors. The openings facilitate a strong connection, both physical and visual, between the food court s interior and the adjoining ai???Family Squareai??? – a central public space for major events and community gatherings. Al fresco dining in the square is encouraged by canopies that shade diners from the sun and protect them from rain. As the first public plaza in Ogmios City, Family Square will expand to become the major focal point in the precinct, forming the catalyst for transforming the area into the most attractive public space in the north of Vilnius.
Glass partitions between each tenancy also create a level of transparency within the building, ensuring a bustling internal atmosphere. The layout of toilets and kitchens within the building ensures flexibility in its use into the future, while a hint to its history is revealed within the exposed ceilings, which reflect the industrial character

Type: Public Commercial
Area: 435 mA?
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Surface: Concrete pavers, vegetation
Year/Status: 2014/Built
Structure: Reinforced concrete frame structure
Materials: Thermowood, metal sheets, concrete tiles
Project Team: Andr BaldiA?i t , Gilma Teodora Gylyt , Gediminas Aismontas, Ieva Marija
Client/Contractor: Ogmios Centras/Astana
Partner/Consultants: Not Applicable
Photography: Norbert Tukaj, Margarita KauA?ikait

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