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Boutique de arcquitectura:


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Secundaria Valladolid (Valladolid Middle school) is a unique project within Mexico s schooling infrastructure. From the start, the main objective was to create something innovative and appealing for the young students. One of the most challenging conditions was the short construction time, since the building had to be verified by the government in a specific date. These two factors inspired to recycle marine storage containers and employ them as classrooms, reducing construction time and minimizing the environmental impact of the project. In order to make each element or unit, a 40 feet ai???High Cubeai??? container was split in half and both ends were joined by an illumination juncture. This link, made with clear glass, permits natural illumination and ventilation.

Architects: Boutique de arquitectura

Architectural project team: Alejandro ChA?vez Delgado – Luis FarfA?n

Project name: Secundaria Valladolid

Location: Iztapalapa, Ciudad de M xico

Year: 2011

Build-up area: 240m2

Open area: 1410m2

Photographer: Jorge Vizuett

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