Plant-Atelier P ter Kis – Bazaltbor Winery, 2010


Plant-Atelier P ter Kis:


The wines of the Laposa-Cellar following the millennium became well known amongst Hungarian wine drinkers under the brand name ai???Bazaltborai??? or Basalt wine.

[ ] Whereas the urbanising process is only characteristic of recent decades, in general the viticulture of the Balaton Highland, (fundamentally rooted in its character, by its nature,ai???) has to connect more with nature. An important question then is with what formal method can the building which is of a relatively large-scale compared with its environment be managed. The single reference point can only be the earthbound architecture of the vine (the press house and the retaining wall) as well as nature itself.

[ ] On this basis we cannot work with architectural tools, forms, structures and clear archi(tectonic) matches in a traditional sense, but at the same time we cannot reject them entirely either. The viticultural building has to be like a model, but the hierarchic organisational structure is not an exclusive factor for this. In the geometric model two basic elements the symmetric gable, closed roof abstraction of the press house and the hexagonal shaped idealised cross section of the basalt pillars-layers connect together into a new system, which at the same time is also a reminder of both references.



Architects: Plant-Atelier P ter Kis – P ter Kis, Bea Molnar

Location: Hungary, Badacsonytomaj

Surface: Plot area: 6956 m2, Total square meter: 420 m2

Year/status: Planning: 2008. Construction: 2009. january – 2010. april

Structure: FRT Raszter M rn kiroda – Attila Farsang, Orsolya Dudinszky

Materials: Concrete, brick, aliminium, curtain wall, steel shaders

Project team: ZoltA?n Bun, RA?bert Erd lyi

Client/contractor: Client: Bazaltbor-Badacsony Kft., Laposa Pinc szet, Operator: SpA?nyi s Jakab M rn kiroda Kft., Constructor: Market p t Zrt.

Partner/consultants: Garden design: Zsuzsa Bogner, Static: mTm M rn kiroda P ter Markovits, Mechanist: Art- tax SzolgA?ltatA? Sz vetkezet AndrA?s Oltvai, Zsolt Lengyel, Electronics engineer: Hochplan Kft. Dezs Sax, Karola KA?rpA?ti, Public services: LA?szlA? KA?dA?r, Lift: Schindler Kft. GA?bor Balogh, Transport: BalA?zs Kiss, Fire protection: Gy rgy BA?der, Key material: artificial stone – Ornamentika Kft.

Photography: Zsolt BatA?r


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