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Ingarden & EwA? Architects – MaAi??opolska Garden of Arts

Ingarden & EwA? Architects – MaAi??opolska Garden of Arts

Ingarden & EwA? Architects: www.iea.com.pl

It blended historical context with contemporary expressive architecture, introducing a new spatial order to the XIX townhouses and their backyards between Rajska and Szujskiego streets in Krakow.
The west wing holds a modern art and media library, with multimedia books and music, while the section standing on Rajska Street holds the set of theatrical functions. The new hall ai??i?? operating, as a studio theatre, conference room, concert hall, and venue for banquets and exhibitions ai??i?? holds retractable stages for 300 people. State-of-the-art stage technology is present overhead: fixed on hoists and cranes to the steel ceiling girders. This allows dramas and concerts to be performed, and exhibitions, film screenings, symposiums, conferences, art auctions, fashion shows, and many more events to be held. Altogether, the space of about 4300Ai??sq.m houses a theatre together with a cosy cinema with 98 seats, a cafAi??, and premises for the organisation of educational, art-related activities.
The building striking contemporary form is a contextual game between ai???mimesis and the abstractionai???. It draws inspiration from of the contextual code, by making references to the geometry and materials of the neighbouring structures. The historical forms and materials, in this case forms of the roofs and the geometrical composition of facades and such materials as brick and steel, have been analyzed, interpreted and processed to achieve the new, contemporary form and expression.


Architects: Ingarden & EwA? Architects
location: Rajska Street 12, Krakow, Poland
Building area:1 579,3m2
Floor usable area:4330,76 mA?
Competition project: 2005
Design period: 2005-2008
Construction period: 2010-2012
Structure: GSBK Biuro Konstrukcyjne ai??i?? Mariusz Szefer, JarosAi??aw Zdeb. Samsoor Shaheed
Materials: brick, steel, glass
Project team: Piotr Urbanowicz, Sebastian Machaj, Agata Staniucha, Jakub Wagner, Piotr Hojda, Bartosz Haduch, Bogdan Blady, Maciej Szromik, Anna Kula, Sylwia Gowin, Marta BraAi??ska, Piotr Kita, Krzysztof StAi??pniak
Client: Slowacki Theater in Krakow
General contractor: PBO Skobud Sp. z o.o., Ai??ywiec
Collaboration: Jacek EwA?, architect
Cooperation: ai??zK3 Architekci s.cai??? ai??i?? architects: Piotr Chuchacz, Benedykt Bury, RafaAi?? Chowaniec
Interior design: Ingarden & EwA? ArchitectsAi?? and ai??zPracownia S.C.ai??? : Agnieszka Cwynar- A?aska, Marta Spodar
Acoustics: Inter-Eko Sp. z o.o., Jan Adamczyk, LesAi??aw Stryczniewicz, Dorota SzaAi??yga
Stage technology: PrzedsiAi??biorstwo Projektowo-UsAi??ugowe ai??zOTOai???, Tomasz Ostrowski, Zbigniew KoAi??ka
HVAC: TW Engineers Sp. Z o.o., Tadeusz WoAi??ek, Monika PantoAi??, Maria Eustachiewicz
Electrical Systems: ES-System – Jan Wachacki, PaweAi?? Bugno, BoA?ena Paluchowska
Roads: Altrans, StanisAi??aw Albricht, Ewa Dudek,
Landscape design: Land Arch ai??i?? Karolina Bober, MaAi??gorzata Tujko
Fire consultant: Janusz Siata
Project engineer: Lider: OTS-IP Sp. z o.o. KrakA?w; Partner: Dom InA?ynierski PROMIS SA, Szczecin
General contractor: PBO Skobud Sp. z o.o., Ai??ywiec
Photography: Ai?? Krzysztof Ingarden

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