Ecosistema Urbano – Ecopolis Plaza, 2010


Ecosistema Urbano :

Transformation of a faceless site in Madrid s urban sprawl, surrounded by industry and heavy traffic transportation infrastructures, into a public space for social interaction providing a building for childcare.

The main focus of the project is to create a vision of urban sustainability that facilitates the reduction of energy consumption by matters of design but that also aims at raising people s awareness of their own consumption behaviour. The layout of the building generates a public space that can be used by the area s residents. Another feature of the project is to consider the public space as an ai???open environmental classroomai???, an integrated educational program for children with the goal to improve the urban environment, which among others accommodates a water purification system based on natural processes.

An important area of the building half-buried (50% of the building takes advantage of the land s thermal inertia) and a large glass facade facing south (700 sqm) are basic decisions that shape the physical relationship between the building and its environment. A bioclimatic textile layer superimposed over a light steel structure wraps the rational concrete core of the building. This textile is the interface between interior and exterior spaces, blurring the boundaries between private and public.
An artificial topography has been created as an enclosure and protection filter from the aggressive industrial environment, within the plaza it is easy to forget about the context and to imagine you are somewhere else, closer to nature.


architects: ecosistema urbano

location: EcA?polis, 1 Rivas Vaciamadrid – 28529 Madrid – Spain

surface: 3.000 m2 (building), 7.500 m2 (public space)

year/status: 201o (built)

structure: steel

materials: steel, textile

client/contractor: Ayuntamiento de Rivas Vaciamadrid | Agencia Local de la Energ a Rivas Vaciamadrid

project team: architects: Belinda Tato | Jose Luis Vallejo | team: Jaime Eizaguirre | Luisa Zancada | Michael Moradiellos | Domenico di Siena | Ion Cuervas-Mons | Benjam n Castro | Masatoshi Oka | Johannes Kettler | Javier de Paz | Julia Casado | A?lvaro Ferrer | Emilio Garc a | Andrea Franceschi | Ioannes Busca | Pau Munar | Ignacio Cabezas


On Site Construction Coordination: Jose Luis Vallejo | Jaime Eizaguirre, Landscaping advisor / Water purification system: Diego Hurtado, Climatic Control / Simulation Engineering / Energy concept: AICIA Research group Termotecnia Escuela de Ingenier a Industrial de Sevilla | Servando A?lvarez | Rafael SalmerA?n, Facilities Enginneering: Julio Bernal,Structural Enginneering: Mecanismo | Juan Rey | Rinske Daniels,Lighting consultant: Targetti Poulsen | Juan Jos Garc a, Textile engineering: BAT spain | Javier Tejera | Marian Marco, Construction Company: HM s.a.| Site engineer: David Moreno | Javier Alonso, Steel Structure manufacturing company: Emetal | Ferm n Barea, Water purification System: Hidrolution | Vicente Torres | Alfredo Rodriguez, Heating and Cooling Engineering: Hemera | Juan Francisco Navarro

photography: Emilio P. Doiztua

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