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Casinos tend to promote the image of a locked universe, devoid of natural light and closed in on themselves. The main challenge for the architects was to seek and to conceive innovative solutions to change the image of casinos in the public eye, by transforming them into true multi-leisure centres open to all, where gambling is no longer the only asset. Outside the dominant archetypes of gambling casino architecture, DATA proposed the construction of an architectural object, aesthetically sober and simple, a presence, yet without ai???showing-offai???, and seeking to preserve the landscaped identity of the site.

While representing a ii???rst class facility for the region, the building aims to be accessible, welcoming and open to all. This new image of the casino is carried out by four objective elements, namely: the readability and functionality of access networks and circulation, the quality of light and views, the linking and ii??i??uidity of interior spaces, as well as the transition between indoor and outdoor areas. The project accommodates and identiii???es two main functional entities, organised in two horizontal units, facilities accessible to the public and private ones related to the casino s operation.

The lower unit, a volume of glass and stained concrete embedded in the gentle slope of the land, houses the facilities related to the process of the Casino; offices, equipment rooms, kitchens and reserves. The upper unit, partly seated on the lower level, houses the spaces dedicated to the public within a light composition of pierced wood, that bends to articulate the public spaces adjacent to the plot; alley, square and Rue du Lac.

DATA s objective is to propose complex archetypes that don t fall out of fashion, buildings that are somewhat ai???timelessai???, and thus capable of withstanding the changes to come in future decades. When it comes to architecture, sustainable means: sturdy yet adaptable, easy to maintain and resistant to the course of time. The lac du Der Casino is an evolutionary tool capable of changing through time; a durable, sustainable concept that will easily integrate changes in functioning and usage.

Studio: DATA

Project name: the Lac du Der Casino

Competition : 2012

Year Completion: 2014

Location: Giffaumont-Champaubert, France

Client : Casino Du Lac Du Der , Joa

Area : 2’000 mA?


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