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The public day-nursery Jules Guesde B+C architectes



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The nursery Jules Guesde, built in 1898, constitutes part of the first buildings dedicated to small children which began to appear after the 1874 Roussel law (loi Roussel) which had the objective to reinforce the care, sanitary protection and wellbeing of new born and very young children. The works programmed by the City of Paris aimed for a complete reworking of the building with a sustainable reorganisation of the internal spaces in line with the generic chart established by the local authority. The building is on three levels of which the lowest is below street level.

Project of rehabilitation aims to achieve the objectives of the client s brief which can be resumed in four essential points:

  • increasing the capacity of the day-nursery to receive 33 children with 3 distinct sections (a ai???smallai??? section for new born, a ai???middleai??? section for 1-2 year olds and an ai???olderai??? section for children up to 3 years old)
  • modifying the reception of the public by creating an new entrance hall on the lower ground floor accessible from the front court yard
  • the transformation of the directors apartment on the top level into a space capable of receiving the ai???olderai??? children section the reduction by 50% of the primary energy consumption of the building compared to the existing with an aim for 80kWhEP/mA? per year established by the ai???Paris Climate Protection Planai??? (Plan Climat Ville) of the City of Paris for all existing public buildings and facilities. The objectives aim to achieve less greenhouse emission and less energy consumption by 2020 in excess of European targets.

The original brick building facade facing the street is richly decorated with polychromatic multi-materials with ceramic inserts representing floral motifs. On the upper ground floor level, a volume in the first plane corresponds to the building addition of 1921 in front of the original facade from 1898 which appears in a second plane set back from it. The design intent for the project is seen in continuity with the original building, taking into account the value of its architectural heritage and its intrinsic qualities (volumes, and natural light penetration). At the same time, it introduces elements of contemporaneousness which, inspired by the vocabulary and characteristics of the original decorations and playing with the reference to the world of plants as a leading thread, translates and presents them in the global project. A careful study of the efficiency of technical plant for ventilation, heating, air circulation inside the building and the build-up of external walls has enabled us to reach the objectives of the ai???Paris Climate Protection Plan ai??? (Plan Climat Ville) which are rarely obtained with historic buildings and this without altering the image and qualities of the original building.

Studio: Giovanni Bellaviti Constantin Coursaris_B+C ARCHITECTES

Team work: design team leader Enrico D Agostino; conservation architect Fabrice Bougon; quantity surveyor LM Ing nierie; structural engineer Atelux, M& E consultants

Project name: The public day-nursery Jules Guesde

Year : April 2014

Location: , Rue Jules Guesde, France

Client: City of Paris

Size : 620 sqm (area before works = 525 sqm)



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