5th International THAAP conference in Lahore, 2014: a dialogue for culture, art & architecture of the marginalized and the poor – by Tanzia Islam

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Pakistan today is one of the most controversial places in South Asia, where the civil society and different social aspects are at stake. Not many news we receive in international media and many people think twice before considering a travel to Pakistan. This is not stopping the scholars from Pakistan to express their scholarly ideas and also to raise their voice against current affairs. At THAAP1 conference (7th-10th November, 2014) Culture, Art and Architecture of the marginalized and the poor were discussed.

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The Trust for History Art & Architecture of Pakistan (THAAP) has organized their 5th International conference addressing the theme ai???Culture, Art & Architecture of the Marginalized and the Poorai??? in November. THAAP conference is a display of the architects, artist and art-historians to discuss about the apparently neglected marginalized and poor communities of the region. Prof. Sajida Haider Vandal and Prof. Pervaiz Vandal are the key mentors of this organization inviting scholars from neighboring as well as distant countries. Many scholars2 from South Asia, Europe, and USA were present in Lahore in order to be a part of the conference. THAAP conference this year has reflected works of architects, art historians, artists, interior designers, crafts experts, economists, social entrepreneurs, and many other works on ai???the Marginalized and the Poorai???. The conference dealt with variant topics, among them ethnic groups like the Roma, the Mohona or the Pashtun, regions like the Pakistani Punjab or Baltistan, places like the Tea Garden of Bangladesh and the Flyovers of Dhaka, artistic topics like urban graffiti of Lahore, socio-economic topics like the pottery industry in Sri Lanka and garment workers in Bangladesh. Parallel to the paper proceedings, a research exposition, a short film screening and a photography exhibition on that topic have enriched the four days long conference in Pakistan. By this variety, the conference presented fascinating approaches to a long neglected topic.

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