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Moon Hoon:

Baekhyeon-dong is divided in almost equal parts by its main caf street. The buildings in the surrounding areas are similarly subdivided by their function; the lower and ground levels are commercial, and the first and second levels are typically residential. Amidst this homogeneity, these structures engage in a quiet struggle for distinction, through the variation of form and materials, Of these, the building at street address number 582 is a music agency owned by an IT company. Sitting at a fortuitous corner, it serves as a rare contrast to the numerous other constructions in Baekhyeon-dong that fail to make the most of their locations.

The project was pretty much unrestricted, apart from the two requests: to create the most outstanding building in the entire region, and to make the rooftop spacious enough to accommodate parties. The biggest concerns for the project were to maximize of its character, corner, in the most impressive manner possible, and to create a natural flow of circulation leading up to the structure s rooftop. Amongst a variety of options, it was chosen to go with curved walls, which created the illusion of two-side walls forming a continual whole, as well as two different roads appearing as one. A stage was inserted into the curved surface, next to the stairs climbing up to and above it, here moulding the streets into seats for the audience and the staircase as alcoves.


Architect: MOONBALSSO(Moon Hoon)

Project team: Kim Sookhee, Jang Dukhyun, Kim Taehyeong, Lee byungyeup, Song Juneui

Location: 582, Baekhyeon-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Typology: multi use building and multiplex house

Site area: 264.7mA? | Building area: 131.74mA? | Gross floor area: 435.85m

Building to land ratio: 49.77% | Floor area ratio: 136.20%

Structure: RC | Exterior finish: exposed concrete | Interior finish: ceramic tile, wallpaper

Structure engineering: POWER | Construction: JEHYO | Mechanical/Electric engineer: Guekdong engineering

Design period: Dec. 2012-Apr. 2013 | Construction period: May 2013-May 2014

Budget: 900 million KRW

Client : PLANTYNET Co., Ltd.

Image courtesy of: Nam Goong Sun

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