Urko Sanchez architects – Anidan Shelter House



Urko Sanchez architects: urkosanchez.com

The assignment of the project was to construct a shelter house in Lamu island, housing approximately 200 orphans and needy children, to be run by Rafael Seles, the chairman of ANIDAN. The initial layout was for three buildings separate dormitories for girls and boys, and an administration office which also housed a kitchen and dining area. The entire settlement is built with local materials providing natural ventilation and including huge makuti roofs to cool down the buildings and to generate open spaces via rooftop terraces for classes. The structures require low maintenance, are environmentally sound and even them position is in order to respect the preexisting trees and create an atmosphere for children to meet under and play.

Nowadays, as the needs of the organization have increased, a Children Hospital and an Art Workshop have been also built within the plot.

Studio: Urko Sanchez architects

Project name: ANIDAN shelter house

Year: 2007-2013

Location: Lamu, Kenya

Client: ANIDA NGO, Spain

Typology: Dormitories, Hospital, Workshop

Project Team: Urko Sanchez, Margarita Colorado

Size and total area: 468 sqm

Photographer: Alberto heras and Urko Sanchez

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