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At a first glance what catches your attention is an orange door positioned on a traditional fa ade of a small building aligned along the street.
From the outside, pedestrians can look into the bicycles storage and glimpse the studio of the owners, which both face the public ground. Then, when entering the property, you would experience a system of sequences that mark the functions of the house, but which guarantee, at the same time, a visual flexibility of the spaces. A translucent glass sliding door between the office and the kitchen, defines what public and private is, by permitting a continuous flow of light, coming from the main fa ade, during the day. This way it is possible to decide how much privacy you would like to keep in the house, by closing or opening it.
Another sequence is made by a second glass wall, which overlooks the private yard with garden. By this fa ade, in a large bow window, a light staircase takes place in the living room area. It leads to the sitting room positioned above it, on a wide mezzanine with balconies. The general concept is based on simple principles: each part should have not only visual connection towards internal and external spaces, thus horizontally, but also vertical perspectives inside the volume itself. Therefore a system of double heights was the final result of a project that was articulated in its section. The terrace is accessible from the kitchen and it is conceived as an island where to enjoy the nice weather during the summer season.

ai??? Studio: NU architectuuratelier
ai??? Project name: Kessel-Lo
ai??? Year: 2011
ai??? Location: Kessel-Lo, Belgium
ai??? Client: private
ai??? Project Team: Nu architectuuratelier
ai??? Size and total area: 380mA?
ai??? Image credits Courtesy of: Stijn Bollaert

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