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Tectoniques architects:

The Paul Chevallier school complex is situated in Rillieux-la-Pape, a northern suburb of Lyon. At 5,034 m2, it is an unusually large project; and this indicates the growing attractiveness of the area. The complex currently comprises a nursery school and an elementary school. In 2014, a gym will be added, which will also be available for community activities. The site occupies an entire block, close to the centre of the district. The two schools are functionally and administratively autonomous. While following on from each other, they make up a continuum, in an overall composition. They are made up of rectangular modules in “V” formations enclosing internal spaces which, in the case of the nursery school, is a garden, and, in that of the elementary school, a patio.

In terms of organisation, the classrooms are rectangular, and can take thirty children comfortably. The collective spaces (library, concourse, music and computing rooms) stand out, in part, above the roofs. Large windows, sheltered by the roof projections and sunshades, open onto the playgrounds on the southern side. And the nursery school also receives natural light from the north. The toilets and dormitories are shared by two classrooms, and there is customised furniture in three-ply spruce, from the cloakrooms to the cupboards in the classrooms.

Wood is a pre-eminent presence. Apart from the foundations, slabs, ground floor and stairwells, everything is in wood, including the lift shaft. The outer aspect of the complex is characterised by overhangs that are 2.4 m long and 0.18 m deep. Structurally, the roof is made of KLH panels, while the upper storey has cavity floors in prefabricated laminates between OSB planking on dry slabs, with soft coverings.

Studio: Tectonique

Project name: Paul Chevallier school

Year: 2013

Location: Rillieux-la-Pape, France

Typology: School

Client: Ville de Rillieux-la-Pape, Direction Cadre de Vie

Project Team: Tectoniques, Arborescence (Wood structures), Indiggo Environnemen (Technical design), Itin raire Bis (Landscaping), Socotec (health and safety).

Size and total area: 5 038 sqm

Photographer: Renaud Araud et Tectoniques

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