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Would you be so fond of architecture even to clean by yourself the rocks where to ease your volume down? Every smallest stone, result of years of a disused quarry, was ordered, piece by piece, from a young couple of Hungarian architects to create the best location where to integrate their project, on the edge of a cliff. This is the example in which architecture becomes the poetry of a gentle mark into nature, the contradiction that gives balance to the surroundings, the unusual rhyme, which enriches the overall composition. Context and architecture are in perfect symbiosis.

The wooden cabin is floating a few steps above the natural terrain. Ground and volume are tied together with a thick black frame suspended upon a pedestal. A covered terrace becomes the central space of the larch cladding black box with its perfect views towards the rocks and the forest on the south side. This house is a combination of high-tech and simple ecological solutions resulted in extremely low energy consumption and moderate building cost.


Architect: B res Architects Attila B res and Jusztina BalA?zs
Location: K szeg, Hungary
Client: Individual
Building area: 110 m2
Parking capacity: 1 parking space
Structure system: Wooden structure
Period of construction: 2010 – 2013
Photographers: TamA?s Bujnovszky

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