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Openness and transparency are the transverse ideas from different areas of the new project, not only because the opening of this landmark building embodies the idea of a reconciled country, but because the new destination and dedication of this building is eminently public and open to all society, and what will happen inside the heritage of all and for all.

The building is intended to represent the best of our cultura, here will live the music, dance, theater and all the performing arts. . During the past three decades, from the point of view of the city, this building has remained lattice, closed and guarded as required safety for years, the Government and subsequently request the Ministry of Defence, in a climate of political violence.

Our proposal is transparent and projecting part of the diverse and nourished inner life of the building outward, and is also involved not only those inside, but also those in the city. In this way the building is major player in the promotion and dissemination of what happens inside and also from the urban point of view, is a great gift to the city, a building for the arts and culture, become more transparent, share and participate not only those who are inside, but also those who are in its proximity.

Obviously showing everything, is not possible, because inside the building, there are an important number of rooms for the Performing Arts, so the challenge is to consider what is needed to show and how. So the building has a facade system that goes gradually from the fully open to fully opaque and closed. The essence of a living performing arts is that it is absolutely unrelated to external reality. Lights out, darkness is, there is silence and only then can begin deploying fantasy, a new reality, the work has begun. The building has a number of rooms with these features.

They are displayed in the project as “containers boxes”

where in its interior the music, dance, theater, etc. are displayed. From outside do not see that going on inside, but we imagine, we had a feeling that something important happens.


Project Name : Centro Cultural Gabriela Ministral (GAM)

Project Location : Santiago de Chile, Chile

Year Completed : 2007 – 2014

Design Team : Cristian Fernandez Arquitectos CFA, Lateral arquitectura & dise o.

Architects In Charge: Cristian Fernandez E, Sebastian Baraona, Christian Yutronic.

Area: 24.500 m2 first phase , 29.600 m2 second phase

Photographs: Nicolas Saieh Juan Eduardo Sepulveda Marcos Mendizabal Pedro Mutis

Collaborating Architect: Marcelo FernA?ndez, Carlos Ulloa, HernA?n Vergara H, Loreto Figueroa A, NicolA?s Olate VA?squez, Natalia Le-Bert , NicolA?s Carbone, Paulina Yoma, Juan Pablo Aguilera, Rodrigo Herrera, Eduardo Cid, SebastiA?n Bravo, SebastiA?n Medina, Ximena Conejeros, Irene Escobar, Ricardo A?lvarez, SebastiA?n BA?rquez, Leslie Muller, Rodrigo CarriA?n

Client: Ministerio de Bienes Nacionales

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