Viewing Pavilion on Hill – Trace Architecture Office

Viewing Pavilion on Hill – Trace Architecture Office


02-View from below 01 (Photo Credit_YAO Li) jinjihu 08-Step view 01 (Photo Credit_YAO Li) jinjihu jinjihu 15 16-Entrance view 02 (Photo Credit_YAO Li) 17-Lobby (Photo Credit_YAO Li) 18-Interior view to Liugong Island (Photo Credit_YAO Li) 01

Viewing Pavilion on Hill

The pavilion is located in woods on the hill of TashanPark in Weihai, a coastline city in Shandong. To protect the trees in site and offer the view to major sights of city, the building is conceived as a merged volume with three viewing tubes like tree branches orientating to different axis. Half buried and half cantilevered, the building provides to the visitor different experience on two levels: walking down half level, one will enter the inside of teahouse and gallery space with framed views to various scenery; walking up through the preserved trees in landscape to the roof terrace, one will enjoy a unfolded breathtaking panoramic view to the ocean on this viewing platform.


Project title: Viewing Pavilion on Hilll

Client: Weihai Bereau of Landscape and Forestry

Location: Weihai, Shandong, China

Program: Terrace of Viewing, Gallery, Tearoom, Office

Architect: HUA Li / TAO (Trace Architecture Office)

Design team: HUA Li, Jiang Nan, Yu Haiwen

Construction company: Weihai Construction Group Inc

Site area: 1380 sq. m.

Floor area: 256 sq. m.

Number of floor levels: 1

Structural system: Reinforced concrete

Design: 2011

Construction: 2012

Photographeri?sYAO Lii??HUA Li

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