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The architecture office heri&salli from Vienna conceived a steel structure similar to a cocoon round a swimming pool in the garden of a private builder-owner in Austria. With mounted panels and interior constructions which are more or less depending on their function the parametric organized spatial element describes possibilities of a usable and experienceable surface.
The objective of the opening element similar to a cocoon is to create different spatial qualities and experience space. Partly covered, withdrawn and protected, then opening and finally in the middle or in the end in the water of the pool where you can swim out of it. The curves convey a feeling of vastnessmake the space bigger than it is-and create in the inside of the house an optimal resonant behavior.
Different integrated constructions like stairs, seats, lying areas or a table with backrest and pool covering are in its definition in a geometrical relation with the original construction; they emerge only to become part of the structure again. The integrated panels follow a dynamic course from the orthogonal edge into the described space, to develop in the central parts in relation to the steel structure from the inside to the outside or to dissolve more and more along the vertical.
In this case architecture is an accumulation of possibilities in a described space and creates only the edges for a vast land in between.

Studio: heri&salli

Project name: landscape fence

Year: 2011

Location: upper austria

Client: private

Project Team:Lukas Allner, Monir Karimi

Structural Engineering: Bollinger-Grohmann-Schneider; Wien

Metallbau: Metallbau Fischer; Klagenfurt

Surface: SFK Tischler GmbH; Kirchham

Image credits Courtesy of: paul ott photografiert

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