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Studio Labics:





MAST Foundation is a cultural and philanthropic institution that focuses on art, technology and innovation and favours the development of creativity and entrepreneurship also cooperating with other institutions, in order to support economic and social growth. Conceived by the president of COESIA -an innovation-based industrial solutions company- Isabella Seragnoli , MAST is a private initative open to the community that improves both staff welfare and the company s public image .

The activities offered to external visitors, as well as the services dedicated to company employees, share the same philosophy based on technology, art and innovation.

The building is the result of a restricted design competition held in 2006. The winning architectural firm studio Labics (leaded by Maria Claudia Clemente and Francesco Isidori) was appointed to develop the project.

The competition brief asked to develop a series of buildings across the company campus, providing staff facilities creche, canteen, academy, staff club and wellness centre as well as public spaces such as a training centre, auditorium, and a company museum. The program of the competition has been interpreted by Labics who aimed at bringing together different functions in a single complex and giving the building greater strength and identity, so as to delineate an interface between public and private. The final result is a composite building, a sort of micro-city dedicated to arts, innovation and technology appearing as compact volume from the outside, yet articulated in pathways and functions on the inside. Starting from the ground floor, MAST hosts a company canteen, an exhibition hall, service rooms, a gym and a large nursery with its own garden. First level has an exhibition space and a cafeteria, whereas the top floor is partly occupied by a number of classrooms, a spacious foyer and an auditorium which can accommodate 400 people. Therefore, an underground three-level parking for company staff as well as visitors.



Client: Coesia Group

Location: Bologna, Italy

Gross floor area: 25,000 sqm

Typology: multifunctional building

Project&esecution dates: 2009-2013

Image courtesy of: Christian Richters

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