House in Agrinio- Plaini&Karahalios










The design is based on a sequence of parallel zones. They underline the gradual transition from the public to the private and they organize the functions. Zone 1: The fences and the dense array of bushes mark the property boundaries. The house is separated by the exterior through a system of walls that are part of the whole volumetric scheme rather than being an independent condition. Zone 2: Low vegetation organizes the buffer zone between the hedge and the main volume. Zone 3: The public reference area at the immediate access, where the living room and the dining room are situated. The dominant feeling is the intense contrast of the black furniture against the white backdrop. Zone 4: The axis of the interior crossing is the main compositional element and is clearly visible since it divides the space into two untis. Zone 5: The final zone is adjustent to the inner limit of the property where functions of everyday use and leisure are located (the kitchen, the tv room, the pool or the guest house). These spaces are formed with combinations of materials like black tile, wooden floors and the element of water, all intergrated within the dominant white volume. The final result is the formation of three distinct entities. The transitions of everyday experience take place among them and life is projected on the internal facades they create. A fundamental principle has been the consistency of choices based on a central core of thought and its application on every scale.

Project Name : House in Agrinio

Project Location : Agrinio, Greece

Year Completed : 2010

Architect: John Karahalios

Civil Engineer: Panagiotis Kapsalis

Mechanical Engineer: Vassilis Kapsalis

Construction: Kapsalis Constructions

Client: Private

Building Size: 300sq.m.

Site size: 490sq.m.

Design : 2007-2010

Photographs: John Karahalios

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