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Lookout Point Ruta del Peregrino HHF Architects

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Ruta del Peregrino is a pilgrimage route extending 117 kilometers across Jalisco, Mexico. Pilgrimages are an integral part of religion in Mexico. This religious act of faith and devotion has been carried on for centuries across the country, and until recently has rarely been recognized or supported by the government. The stations are conceived as a series of symbolic architectural pieces that combine to become an integral narrative along the heart of the pilgrimage route. The stations enhance the symbolic importance of the route and add a sense of permanence by providing basic services, such as shelter and look out points. They provide spaces of serenity, inspiration and introspection, assisting the pilgrims emotional journey. The new infrastructure is also beneficial to the local economy.It now provides shelter and a series of architectural monuments and sanctuaries in the landscape, symbolising the devotion and perseverance of the pilgrims that use it. The HHF Lookout Point is designed to be an additional loop in the pilgrim s path. Its round shape was developed as a formal anticipation of the pilgrims movement through the platform – ascending to enjoy the great view across the surrounding countryside, before redescending.

Project Name : Lookout Point – Ruta del Peregrino (Route of Pilgrim)

Project Location : Espinazo del Diablo, Jalisco, Mexico

Year Completed : 2010

Design Team : HERLACH HARTMANN FROMMENWILER with Alexa den Hartog, Janna Jessen

Photographs: Iwan Baan

Award: Wallpaper* Design Award 2012

Curatorial Team: Tatiana Bilbao and Derek Dellekamp

Masterplan and Project Coordination: Rozana Montiel and Derek Dellekamp

Environmental Strategy: T.O.A. | Taller de Operaciones Ambientales

Client: Secretar a de Turismo de Jalisco



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