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Gummo advertising agency – i29

i29 interior architects: www.i29.nl









According to my Architecture planning professor at the University of Palermo, Mario Giorgianni, in order to delete old serial constructions you should paint them in white. The colour prevailed on their forms, which, this way, they were totally flattened out. Uniformity of colour determines the means to give a new identity to mismatched items, which at the same time become a backdrop for other ones, which deserve to stand out. The young Dutch studio i29 went beyond this theory by creating a stylish working place with heterogeneous pieces of furniture. When Gummo decided to rent a new office in the former spaces of the Parool newspaper building in Amsterdam, the studio convinced the advertising company to renovate the interiors with a very low budget, by re-using, re-cycling and buying second hand articles. Everything was sprayed in grey, with an environmentally friendly paint, and by marking the working area from the rest, they made a stronger contrast with the white box which enwrapped the new office setting. As a result, the collection of old and repaired products in their new ai???one colourai??? coating has given a new striking image to the different types furniture by realizing a perfect temporary space with an elegant and modern look.

Project name: office 03
Client: gummo
Design: i29 interior architects Jeroen Dellensen / Jaspar Jansen
City: Amsterdam
Country: The Netherlands
Area: 450 m2
Walls/ceiling: concrete / panelled ceiling
Custom made furniture: synthetic coated mdf
Furniture: synthetic coated second hand furniture
Constructor: Stefan Klopper
Coating: Krimpex Coating systems (hotspray)
Budget: euro 30.000
Photos: i29 interior architects

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