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This promotional exhibition ai???mt ex has been held all over the world and this time, it was held in Sendai, Japan.
Masking tapes are usually used as a curing-tape in construction site, ai???mt masking tapes are popular as household goods. Because of the wide range of variations and the handiness, customers enjoy using them for wrapping and decoration. The aim of this exhibition was enlarging the number of customers in Tohoku area.
The exhibition was held in a warehouse in the suburbs of the city.
The space was 24m wide, 15m long and 6m high.
Sendai suffered the massive earthquake and many of the Tohoku people are still faced with a challenging situation. This is the first exhibition in Tohoku area, we wanted to show them unusual scene made by ai???mt tapes and arose their interest. So we covered the large floor and walls by ai???mt tapes and put a wrapped car and a bicycle. We hanged hundreds of ai???mt tapes from the ceiling and made a unique installation.



Studio: iyamadesign inc.

Art Director, Graphic Designer: Koji Iyama

Project name: mt ex in Sendai

Year: October – November 2012

Photographers : Kentaro Ohama, Akihiro Kawauchi, Koji Iyama



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