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S meru Community Centre is located just outside the North-Estonian town of Rakvere, on an open field near the highway in S meru parish. Instead of erecting different buildings for their many needs, the parish decided to combine multiple functions in one single building. The multipurpose community centre houses the parish administration, a library, and a club with an auditorium. The building was designed to stand apart from the existing built environment, more relating to the field surrounding it. This has been achieved by using colourful straw-like wooden beams attached to the black-and-white concrete facade. The same aesthetics continues in the interior, only this time the slats are hanging freely from the ceiling, creating a lively accent above the black walls. The single-storied building’s many functions are arranged compactly, with enough room for common space and three open courtyards with different characters: the representative front yard with a fountain is meant for formal events and used mainly by the administration, the club has one with a fireplace, and an intimate grass-covered garden is for the use of the library.

Name: S meru Community Centre

Location: S meru, L ne-Viru county, Estonia

Architect: Salto AB

Authors: Maarja Kask, Karli Luik, Ralf L oke, Kristiina Arusoo, Margit Argus

Completed: 2010

Cost Project: approx 2,3 million euro

Area mq: 2400 sq. m

Photographer: Martin Siplane, Karli Luik

This project is published in the book : WHAT S UP? | 15 young european architects

LetteraVentidue Edizioni S.r.l. | ISBN 9788862420662

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