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Music Park is a unique masterplan in terms of urban renovation and integration linked to Seville underground infrastructure works. The park ensures accessibility to Cocheras station, located at the centre of the park, and reinforces a connection between houses located on both sides of the station. It is organized along a north-south axis that gently slopes down to the station s level. Transversal circulations connect the main promenade with the surrounding streets and squares.Quality pavement materials have been used: ceramic tiles, and lime and granite cobblestones. The patterns, inspired by an existing ceramic pattern found in the Reales Alcazares in Sevilla (the Moorish Royal Palace), create a geometry that unifies all the different areas. There are two hundred trees of 23 different species, selected for their size, foliage, flowers, shading capacity, fruits and symbolism. There are perennial trees, providing green all year long; deciduous trees, which will announce the springs and autumns; and semi-perennial leaf trees, blossoming at different times of the year, composing with the blossoming flowers a floral calendar.

Architects: Sara Tavares Costa and Pablo D az-Fierros

Collaborators:David Breva, Paula Ferreira, Pedro Rito Nobre, David Ampe, Cristina Rubino

Location: Sevilla

Quantity surveyor: Antonio Carrascal Cruzado

Structure:Catsoli S.L


Gardening and landscaping:Ernesto Fern ndez Sanmart n, Sara Tavares Costa Rendering:Marcin Sapeta, Alfonso Fiz

Photographer: Pablo D az-Fierros

Developer:Agencia de obra pA?blica de la junta de Andaluc a

Building contractor:Rafael Morales S.A., Heliopol , S.A.U.

Build surface area:27.232 m2

Budget 4.544.894

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