Country villa in The Netherlands – MEF architects


MEF architects:

01 Joost van Selm MEF


03-Denis Guzzo MEF 2012-2497


05 foto 2 joost van Selm

Foto 06 Denis Guzzo MEF 2012-2390

Foto 07 Denis Guzzo MEF 2012-2438


How can modernity interact with traditional architecture, when the destination of the site is for agriculture s use and the urban prescriptions dictate precise orientations about new interventions? ai???Buildings must not break the atmosphere of the surroundingsai???.

Thus existing farmhouses, materials, traditional volumes are those instruments to work with, by relating them to new human needs and the different ways of life of today. Therefore an accurate analysis of the environment and its local habits determined every choice and every physical part of the project. This way, traditional architecture was not only a model to consider, but also an inspiration source to deny sometimes by affirming that architecture evolves and trigs other thinking mechanisms, new technologies and, above all, other functional and aesthetical concepts of itself. Therefore by re-interpreting the essence of the Dutch farmlands a new project was set up, which reveals its contemporary identity in all the details, where tradition has been formulated by another handwriting. Not to mention the beautiful portions of the natural context facing the house, as framing sections of the landscape which was brought inside as important scenery of the interiors settings. As a result the new architecture is so well integrated to its surroundings to result even permeable because in a constant relationship with the untouched atmosphere which entirely enwraps it.



Studio: MEF architects

Project name: Country villa

Year: 2010-2012

Location: Vinkeveen, Holland

Client: Private

Floor area: 220 m2

Building Company: D. Kroese B.V.

Furniture realization: Creavorm, Mijdrecht

Photos (o3-06-07) courtesy of: Denis Guzzo

Photos (o1-02-04-05) courtesy of: Joost van Selm


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