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Morerava Cottages – AATA Arquitectos

AATA Arquitectos: http://www.aata.cl









We originally started with the idea of the Morerava Cabins when we saw an opportunity to create a tourist complex on Easter Island in 2009. Analysing the tourist market on the Island we quickly realized most sectors were well developed, spanning from luxury Hotels to private homes and camping, however one niche sector was not covered: family friendly cabins which meet certain quality standards. When we started to design the cabins we realized a very bespoke design would be required in order to correspond to the unique and delicate context of the island. The construction process, material resourcing and daily usage of the cabins had to have minimal impact on the very fragile environment of Easter Island.Taking everything into account we developed the idea of a prefabricated design. The entire prefabrication was finally executed on the continent and then shipped by boat. This ensured minimal local impact and avoided the use of any material from the island. The design of the module emerges from the optimization of common materials available on the market.

Architects: AATA Arquitectos, Nicole Gardilcic V., SebastiA?n Cerda P

Location: Hanga Roa, Easter Island, Chile

Client: Caba as Morerava

Web Site: www.morerava.com

Construction: Alejandro Martinez Z.

Area: 77 m2 / 828 sqf each

Project Date: 2009

Execution date: Dec 2009 – July 2010

Photographs: AATA Arquitectos

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