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ex.01 Main perspective view (by photographer Sun Namgoong)

ex.02 Main entrance (by photographer Sun Namgoong)

ex.03 Commercial area at ground lv. (by photographer Sun Namgoong)

ex.04 South-eastern view (by photographer Sun Namgoong)

ex.06 Eastern side1 (by photographer Sun Namgoong)

in.01 Parking ramp (by photographer Sun Namgoong)

in.02 Natural light falls through the core (by photographer Sun Namgoong)

General Korean Parking lot types filled Jukjeon Commercial Area Parking lot either frankly reveals itself to be a parking lot without any consideration for design or surroundings, or disguises like a commercial facility. However, both cases are not welcomed in a city and ruin the city landscape. This project intended to change the urban landscape through a proposition of a certain symbolically designed icon on a dry city. The Herma parking building was started from a fundamental consideration of current parking lots in Korea.

– Maximizing the potential commercial uses of the land

– Maximization of lawful commercial area, the possibility of using front terrace

– Composition of the parking ramp and the traffic line

– Increasing the architectural value through front-skin design

In order to overcome a realistic limitation of a typical parking building, a new design that can increase the value of commercial facilities, including maximizing the commercial area of the 1st floor and changing the front landscaping area into the terrace, was needed. Through investing in a design that gives emphasis on commercial facilities rather than parking space, the value of the building and the land itself can rise. In other words, through an art gallery-like parking building the owner could get the attractive and high rental condition of the commercial building.

Project type : Private Parking Building

Design : JeongHoon Lee (JOHO Architecture)

Client : SunHee Kwak (R&J building)

Contractor : MX construction

Completion : May, 2010

Location : 1190, Bo jeong-dong, Kiheung-gu, Yong In, Gyong gi-Do, Korea

Use : Parking Building (20% commercial area of GFA)

Photo Credits : Sun Namgoong (courtesy of the architect)

Material : Concrete + Polycarbonate + Polished Stainless panel

Building to land ratio : 74.9% (<90%)

Floor area ratio : 289.16% (<1500%)

Site area : 853.7 sqm

Building area : 639.4 sqm

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