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Dutch Mountain, denieuwegeneratie



01 ok West Facade

03 br South Facade

05br East Facade

06 ok Living Space

08 ok Kitchen

07 ok Skateboard Stairs

09 Crucified for its sins against the climate br


denieuwegeneratie www.denieuwegeneratie.nu

What does sustainable living look like? This is just the beginning of a new architecture attempt where experimentation is the means to find new solutions, unusual combinations and surprising results. This is a ai???new generationai??? approach precisely of Denieuwegeneratie, the so-called young design studio based in Amsterdam.
Dutch Mountain is thus an exploration where sustainable strategies and technical installations imply possibilities that do not contradict each other.
The house is located on a historical natural reserve, in the Goois, a hilly area in Holland, using the soft undulation of the plot surrounded by trees. In order to minimize disturbance of the landscape the house is embedded under an artificial bump by guaranteeing a continuation of the natural conformation of the place. On the southern side, instead it has been opened with wide glass walls along a surface of 90 m2. Therefore if you imagine entering a sort of bunker, that s no longer the feeling you will have, because of the amazing space and the apparent disorder of the rooms volumes, which the architects were able to invent. Interiors and exteriors are unpredictable in this project. They prove how design investigations can determine awesome findings if you only abandon yourself in a dream where a car is not only a car and some skateboards are no longer what they were supposed to be. It sounds a little surrealistic but that is just the sign how architecture and imagination can represent the best items you can play with.

Project: Dutch Mountain
Surface area 709 m2 BVO / GFA
Start design 5/ 2008
Start Construction 6/2010
End Construction 11/ 2011
Architect denieuwegeneratie architecten
Sanne Oomen, Thomas Dieben, Oscar Vos
Contractor De Kamper
Sustainability Arup
Installations Van Veldhuizen Energie
Sloof Elektrotechniek
Structural Engineer van Rossum Amsterdam
Interior 13 Speciaal
Lighting (LED) Erco
Chromatic Advice Asmir Ademagic
Photography Jaap Vliegenthart
John Lewis Marshall

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