House in Chihuahua Productora

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The project is designed for a property with a pronounced slope, in a region with an extremely hot climate most of the year, and sub-zero temperatures in winter. Based on these premises, the decision was made to bury part of the house, to keep it cool during the hot summers and warm in the winter. A series of perforations in the roof create patios and terraces, with large windows, that afford pleasant views of the city, landscape and sky. From the street, the house looks like a traditional home, but upon entering, visitors discover a complex geometry that unfolds in different levels beneath the fragmented roof.


Architectural Design: PRODUCTORA (Carlos Bedoya, Wonne Ickx, Victor Jaime, Abel Perles)

Collaborators: Fernando SA?nchez, Ross Adams, Jorge CA?rdenas, IvA?n Villegas, Thorsten Englert

Project type: Residence

Location: San Francisco Golf Club, Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico

Built Area: 610 mA?

Date: 2008

Client: Granados Family

Photography: Iwan Baan

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