Garden Tree House – Hironaka Ogawa & Associates

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Hironaka Ogawa & Associates:



This is an extension project on a thirty-five year-old house for a daughter and her husband. A Zelkova tree and a Camphor tree stood on the site since the time the main house was build thirty-five years ago. Removing these trees was one of the design requirements because the new additional building could not be built if these trees remained. Therefore, utilizing these trees and creating a new place for the client became the main theme for the design.When this house is demolished and another new building constructed by a descendant of the client hundreds of years from now, surely these two trees will be reused in some kind of form.


Architect : Hironaka Ogawa (Hironaka Ogawa & Associates)

Photographer: Daici Ano

Function : private house

Location : Kagawa , Japan

Structure : wood frame

Site area : 699.54 sqm

Architectural area : 50.90 sqm

Total floor area : 50.90 sqm

completed date : 2010

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