Vanke triple V Gallery Ministry of Design

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Ministry of Design:



Designed as a permanent show gallery and tourist information center for China s largest developer Vanke, MOD s dramatic design for the TRIPLE V GALLERY has become an icon along the Dong Jiang Bay coastline. Despite its obvious sculptural qualities, the building s DNA evolved rationally from a careful analysis of key contextual & programmatic perimeters resulting in the TRIPLE V GALLERY S triangulated floor plan as well as the 3 soaring edges that have come to define its form. The client s program called for 3 main spaces: a tourist information center, a show gallery & a lounge for discussion.Tectonically, the building responds to the coastal setting and is finished in weather-sensitive corten steel panels on its exterior and timber strips on the interior walls and ceiling for a more natural feel.


Location: Tianjin, China

Architectural & Interior Design: Ministry of Design (Colin Seah, David Tan, Daniel Aw, Jeremiah Abueva Lynn Li, Noel Banta)

Site Management: Annie Su, He Ting

Photography: CI&A Photography, Edward Hendricks,

* All images may be used and printed, courtesy of Ministry of Design

Contractor: Nantong No.2 Construction Group (Archi) Beijing Grain. Rain Architectural Design Co., Ltd. (ID)

C&S: Tenio Design And Engineering Co., Ltd.

M&E: Tenio Design And Engineering Co., Ltd.

Land Area 16,850 sqm

Built in GFA 750 sqm

Construction duration: 4 months


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