Stacking Green – Vo Trong Nghia

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Vo Trong Nghia:



The house, designed for a thirty-years-old couple and their mother, is a typical tube house constructed on the plot 4m wide and 20m deep. The front and back fa ades are entirely composed of layers of concrete planters cantilevered from two side walls.The green fa ade and roof top garden protect its inhabitants from the direct sunlight, street noise and pollution. Concerning the ecological approaches, we referred a lot to the bioclimatic principles of traditional Vietnamese courtyard house.In this chaotic city, we defined the full variety of surrounding greenery as a context of Saigon and applied to the main concept of this house. Although the Saigon townscape is getting uniformed and boring under the influence of the furious urban sprawl of recent years, we intended this house to inspire people to re-define and re-increase the greenery as the character of this city. ai???Stacking Greenai??? is just one small house, but it is generated from the context of Saigon. We hope that ai???Stacking Greenai??? makes Saigon become more distinguished and fascinating with much more tropical greenery in the future.


Project Name: Stacking Green

Location: Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Competion: 2011

Architect s Name: Vo Trong Nghia + Daisuke Sanuki + Shunri Nishizawa

Contractor: Thuan Viet Company + Wind and water House JSC.

Photographer Name: Hiroyuki Oki


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