Nestl Chocolate Museum – Rojkind Arquitectos

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Rojkind Arquitectos:



Located over the side lane of the highway in the entrance to Toluca, in the edge of a 300 meter long insubstantial industrial installation that used to pass unnoticed, the new object appears with the spectacular nature of a window display. Half way between Mathias Goeritz s The Snake and Munch s Scream, this zigzagging origami rises from the garden level and becomes the entrance to a magical world, to the tour of the chocolate factory that rivals Tim Burton s imagination. The six hundred square meters of new construction standing over the garden, house a reception area, a theater that prepares young visitors for the trip to the world of chocolate; the entry to the existing tunnel that circles around the production areas in the inside of the factory and the chocolate and gadget store at the end of the tour.


Architectural Project: rojkind arquitectos Michel Rojkind [Design Principal] Agustin Pereyra, Mauricio Garcia- Noriega, Moritz Melchert, Juan Carlos Vidals, Paulina Goycoolea, Daniel Dusoswa, Matthew Lohden Traqs Luis Araiza, Jesus Gonzalez, Agustin Villegas

Structural Engineer: Moncad [Jorge Cadena]

Lighting Design: Noriega Arquitectonics Iluminators, Fernando Gonzalez

Landscape Design: Ambiente Arquitectos & Asociados

Program Cultural and Educational Construction Area 634 m2

Status: Built

Design: Date January 2007

Completion: Date April 2007

Location: Toluca, State of Mexico


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