House in Kohoku – Torafu Architects

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Torafu Architects:



This site is located in a quiet residential region reclaimed on a hill of Yokohama. With neighboring houses lined very close together, this flag-shaped site meets a road at a verge of no more than 3 meters in width. Since the site is tilted to the north, and the neighboring house to the south is two-storied and built on a tiered, higher ground, at first it seemed almost impossible to let in light from the south, although the client, a married couple who has lived in this place for a long time, wanted a small but sunshiny house of one-story just as their child became independent from them. The house being one-storied, we were able to form the roof with freedom. And taking advantage of the freedom, we aimed to make the exterior and the interior appear as two sides of the same object. The roof not only lets in light and provides cover from rain but, on the inside, gives the space a moderate separation. The brightness and softness of light differs according to season and time of day, which changes the look of the place. The windows on the roof cut out the sky and constantly project the changes of the nature.


Project: Torafu Architects

Structural design: MID architectural structure laboratory

Facility design: Spangle (Lightings)

Production: YAMASHO

Credit: Furniture design collaboration: TAIJI FUJIMORI ATELIER / Fabric design: NUNO

Building site: YokohamaKanagawa

Design Period: 2007.01-11

Construction period: 2007.12-2008.07

Photo: Daici Ano

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