Basque Culinary Center – VAUMM

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VAUMM architecture & urbanism :




The new building that houses Basque Culinary Center the head-office is located in a tangencial site to the Miramon Technologic Business Park. This condition of proximity with the very steep slope of the site assumes the start point of this architechtonic proposal.On the one hand the building becomes the icon of the Gastronomic Science University, showing towards the exterior an image based on the technologic and innovation leadership, but on the other hand, it respects and interacts with the scale of the low density quartier where it settles down. ItA?s because of this dual condition why the building makes the most of the slope to organize the functional programme from the upperside to downside, locating the public areas in the access floor, allowing the speciality of the programme while going down, while entering the building.


Project: GastronomicScienceUniversityandResearch & InnovationCenterfor Gastronomic Science- BASQUE CULINARY CENTER


Location: Donostia-San SebastiA?n, Gipuzkoa, Spain

Architects: VAUMM architecture & urbanism (I igo Garc aOdiaga,Javier Ubillos,Jon Muniategiandikoetxea,Marta Alvarez yTomA?s Valenciano)

Project execution and site management Assistance:VAUMM arquitecturay urbanismo

Project execution: LKS

Integrated project management: LKS

Site management, structures and facilities: LKS

LKS team: Fco. Javier de la Fuente / Santiago P rez Ocariz/Arantxa Jauregi; Nerea Mujika / Garbi e Otegi; Ander Maiztegi /Javier Eskubi

Total square meters: 15.000 m2

Budget: 17.000.000

Time: 2009 September 2011

Photographer: Fernando Guerra + Sergio Guerra


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