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Polish pavilion for Expo 2010, Shanghai WWAA

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Given the nature of the exposition, the exhibition facility has to denote, by its esthetic distinctiveness, the country of origin, has to constitute, by the strength of its stylistic connotations, an evocative, recognizable and memorable cultural ideogram. In our design, the cultural idiom is primarily conveyed through the theme, the motif of folk-art paper cut-out. Or, more precisely, through a rendering of the motif, a transcription of an elementary esthetic code into the contemporary language of architectural d cor. The transcription rationale was twofold. First of all, we did not wish the design to be literally folkloristic, a mechanical multiplication of convention-approved set patterns. The intention was for the structure d cor to draw on and make reference to tradition, but ultimately to be that tradition s contemporary reinterpretation, a creative extension into the present day by way of inspiration rather than replication. Secondly, we aspired to make the structure in its own right, in a purely architectural dimension, a significant landmark, a showcase of Polish design achievements. That it should be an attractive, eye-catching exterior both in daylight, against the panorama of other Expo facilities, as well as a mesmerizing experience at night with the edifice drawn by the multi-colored light seeping through the cut-out patterns.


Designed by: WWAA, Marcin Mostafa, Natalia Paszkowska, Maciej Burdalski, Miko aj Molenda, Zofia Pichelska, Maciej Siczek, Maciej Walczyna

Location: Shanghai, China

Client: Polish Agency for Enterprise Development

Collaboration: BURO HAPPOLD Wojciech Kakowski

Area: 2400 sqm

Year: design 2007 (competition first prize), construction 2010

Budget: ca 11 000 000 PLN

Photographer: WWAA


This project is published in the book : WHAT S UP? | 15 young european architects

LetteraVentidue Edizioni S.r.l. | ISBN 9788862420662


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