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dEMM arquitecture:



Living Foz (apartment building) is located in Foz do Douro, an Oporto city parish with ancestral occupation due to its south sun exposure and proximity to both the sea shore and the Douro River mouth. Nowadays, it struggles to consolidate and qualify its residential offer. Therefore, Living Foz was expected to present a new approach to high quality residential buildings, emphasizing the relationship between interior and exterior, taking advantage of the sea shore views and the portuguese sunny climate. Accomplishing these expectations, the balcony angle articulation creates outdoor spaces that are enriched by contrasts of light and shade, exposure and protection. The shape of the balconies is emphasized by the contrast between the white cast-in-place concrete and the dark Glass Reinforced Concrete panels.


Architects: dEMM arquitectura, Paulo Fernandes Silva

Collaborators: Isabela Neves, Tiago Soares Lopes

Location: Porto, Portugal

Client: J. Camilo

Structural Engineering: Gepec

Landscape Architect: arqt.OF

Electrical Engineering: Ohm-e

Mechanical Engineer: Get

Constructed Area: 13.700 sqm + courtyardai???

Total Cost: 18 000 000,00

Project Year: 2008-2010

Images: Fernando Guerra (photos 1-2-3-4) e Pedro Lobo (photos 5-6-7)


This project is published in the book : WHAT S UP? | 15 young european architects

LetteraVentidue Edizioni S.r.l. | ISBN 9788862420662

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