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The houses on Perovo stand on an exposed location with an exceptional view of the KamniA?ko Savinjske Alps in the background. However the view is not the only characteristic of this location, as the houses represent a dominant feature of the valley when viewed from below. Thus the architectural task at hand brings at least two important challenges. First, it is necessary to design and create a quality living environment for the future residents, and second, the project provides an opportunity to redefine the look of the settlement on Perovo which has a rather heterogeneous and inharmonious layout with its scattered individual houses. Relatively high volumes are structured with a simple architectural approach: the ground floor is designed to act as a pedestal of the house, supporting two smaller volumes with steep skillion roofs. Therefore the smaller upper volumes, with continuous wooden facade cladding, contribute an important effect to the looks and the ambience of the settlement as a whole.


project: Housing Razgledi Perovo

authors: dekleva gregoriA? arhitekti

architectural office: dekleva gregoriA? arhitekti

project team: AljoA?a Dekleva u.d.i.a., M.Arch. (AA Dist),Tina GregoriA? u.d.i.a., M.Arch. (AA Dist),

Martina MarA?an m.i.a., Daniel Schwartz u.d.i.a.,Tea Smrke u.d.i.a.

location: Perovo, Kamnik, Slovenia

client: SAVA IP d.o.o., Ljubljana

site area: 6903 m2

build up area: 1760 m2

net area: 12 semidetached houses (each 166 m2), 6 detached houses (each 229 m2)

project date: 2008

completion date: 2011

photos: Miran KambiA?


This project is published in the book : WHAT S UP? | 15 young european architects

LetteraVentidue Edizioni S.r.l. | ISBN 9788862420662


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