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HS99 – Katowice CINiBA – 2012

HS99 – Katowice CINiBA – 2012

HS99: http://hs99.pl/


Katowice – CINiBA
The Scientific Information Centre and Academic Library
The lack of discernible scale produces a monolith when seen from afar that is gradually familiarized. Details such as the decreasing proportions of the façade tiling, the irregular cut of the sandstone slabs, as well as the windows carefully nested inside become visible.
The facades, clad in a repetitious fabric of rich kahan red sandstone, relate to the raw clay bricks on the neighbouring buildings without the connotation of scale inherent to a singular brick element. The exterior treatment abstracts the building’s function of organized book storing while introducing a notion of mystery inseparably connected to books.
The fenestration projects a stunning patchwork of light onto the FORUM at night, yet in the daytime allows diffused light to permeate into the library’s reading rooms. The resulting strongly introverted interior composition of the library floors focuses one’s attention onto the books while calming the space. Partial isolation from the external world not only influences the atmosphere within but also introduces a flow of time detached from the pulse of the surrounding city.


Architects:HS99, Dariusz Herman, Wojciech Subalski, Piotr Smiertzewski
Location:Katowice, ul. Bankowa 11a, Poland
Surface:clad in a repetitious fabric of rich kahan red sandstone,
Year/Status:2002-2012, completed
Materials:concrete, kahan red sandstone
Project team:Rafal Sobieraj, Adam Kulesza, Jacek Moczała, Wojciech Słupczyński
Client/Contractor:Consortium of the Silesian University and Economic University in Katowice
Structural Design:Jan Filipkowski, Joanna Jacoszek, Jerzy Rawski, Mariusz Staszewski
Photography:Jakub Certowicz

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