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Kaunas University of Tecnology (KTU) – G.Janulytės Bernotiėnės studija – 2014

Kaunas University of Tecnology (KTU) – G.Janulytės Bernotiėnės studija – 2014


G.Janulytės-Bernotiėnės studija: http://www.janulyte.lt/

The key to the design were Yin & Yang principles. They were interpreted in order to propose two bodies of the project with corresponding facade structures and materials.

Bright and ephemeral complex A is for science and higher education (9100 m2). White steel fachwerk structure on the exterior suspends shimmering double glass facade which protects from noise, dust and overheating. The interior is designed to have maximum amount of daylight. Elongated atrium is surrounded by laboratories with 3,5 m modular step.

Dark and terrestrial complex B tower is for administration and business development (3200 m2). The exterior is clad in black prefabricated concrete panels (3×4 m) with an individual pattern, inspired by arhcaic Baltic ornaments. Dark volume houses the offices, meeting rooms and a transformable 400 student auditorium.

These two bodies merge new synergies through their foyers and lounge areas.

The project completes the modernistic architecture student campus that started around 50 years ago. Main pedestrian axis of the campus terminates under hanging console – a symbolic ‘gate’. Console crowns a square that leads the visitors through the entrance to the double height lobby.

Being one of the biggest buildings – it accommodates 210 scientists, 225 office and administration staff and around 400 students.

Sustainable principles are used throughout the complex: modular systems for partitioning, limited fenestration to the north as well as integrated energy system with the rest of student campus.


Architects: G.Janulytės-Bernotiėnės studija

Location: Kaunas, Lithuania

Surface: 13000 sqm

Year/Status: 2010, completion 2014

Structure: concrete, steel frameP


Client: Kaunas University of Technology

Patner/ Consultants: Construtor  A.RAŽAITIS, “RIBINIS BŪVIS”

Contractor: “LITCON”



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