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Budapesti Muhely, Tamás Dévényi – H house, 2012

Budapesti Muhely, Tamás Dévényi – H house, 2012


Budapesti Muhely: http://www.budapestimuhely.hu/


A family house in Sóskút, Hungary

Not far from Budapest, on the fringes of a forest, there stands Tamás Dévényi’s shingle covered new house. The disarmingly simple building creates generous spatial relations on the 3 hectare land. The proximity of the bustling city life doesn’t mean that we can not relish the convenience of nature and the separation of a farmhouse. Borrowing its form and use of materials from the Central-European peasant architecture, the building’s modular structure follows contemporary design thinking. The requirements for a country house have changed a lot during the past hundred years, but using the old Hungarian peasant house’s archetype was a good starting point for the design in a situation where the strict, local Building Regulations ties the architects’ freedom. The traditional use of materials, the pitched roof and the 50 meters distance from the road were such musts that made the architect rethink traditions. The result is a reinterpretation of the area’s old peasant longhouse […].



architects: Tamás Devenyi (leading arch.)
location: Soskut, Hungary
surface: 180 sqm
year/status: 2012/built
structure: reinforced concrete modular system
materials: pine wood, metal sheet, bricks, wood flooring, glass mosaic
project team: Tamás Devenyi, Eszter Mihály, Viktor Vadász (associate arch.)
client/contractor: private
partner/consultant: Lászlo Szonyi (structural engineer), Josef Horvath (service engineer) Zsuzsa Bogner (landscape)
photography: Tamás Bujnovszky





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