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Architects meet in Fuoribiennale_OFF, 6 June 2014: Report



Architects meet in Fuoribiennale_OFF

6-6-14 one day talk+party
Palazzo Widmann – Calle Widmann, 30121 Cannaregio, Venice

On the 6th of June 2014, during the opening days of XIV Biennale di Architettura, in Venice took place the event “Architects meet in Fuoribiennale_OFF”. The Palazzo Widmann has been a theater for a continuos flux of more than 400 people, to examine in depth and reflect on the Architecture of the next 5 years.

Guest speakers, young international firms and some of the most interesting architects and critics tried to answer to the following questions:

Good architecture needs to rediscover fundamentals or, instead, it should look for his radical vocation which is always outside the traced boundaries?

Is it possible to build a mosaic, even if contradictory but surely vital, that describes some possible routes for the next future?

The Event consisted of three part.

Young Contest presentation (11am – 1pm): 20 finalists under 35 of the two contests “Young Italian Architects III edition – Brenna Clerici, Cimini, Corti, dfg architetti, Crilo, Didonè, Lab 255, Madeoffice, Schiavello, Tedeschi – and “Young Critics V edition” – Forlini, Forzese, Lenguito, Lontani, Molinari, Sholl e Guglielmi, Tolve, Zuliani – have illustrated their work showing videos and images.

Words (2.30pm – 9pm): some of the most interesting architects and critics have proposed a key work for the architecture of the next future. Peter Cook #tweaking, Patrik Schumacher #freemarketurbanism, Aaron Betsky #experimentation, Hani Rashid #fitness, Benedetta Tagliabue #blendingexperimentation, Hans Ibelings #margin, Sophie Lovell #slow, William Menking #work, Dagmar Richter #experimentation, Carlo Ratti #livingarchitecture, Lola Sheppard #adaptation, Lucy Bullivant #frameworks, Indira van’t Klooster #reactivate, Ilaria Mazzoleni #resilience, Alessandro Melis #soil, Marco Poletto and Claudia Pasquero #collectiveintelligence. 

Interviews (10.30am – 9pm): simultaneously the PresS/TInternational’s video cameras has recorded the point of view of some international young firms selected for their approach outside the star system: Heriund/Sally (Austria), Gras (Spain), Komitu (Finland), March Studio (Australia), Tryptyque (Brasil), Elli (Spain), Arturo Tedeschi (Italy), Mc Bride/Ryan (Australia), Gracias Studio (Mexico), Joho Architecture (Korea), Nicholas Burns (China-Australia), Tacha (Thailand), Aldo Sollazzo (Italy-Spain), Mef (Netherlands), Massimiliano Ercolani (Italy), Salto (Estonia), Oplà (Italy), Saunders (Norway), Crilo (Italy), Rio Frio Navarro (Perù), Emmanuelle Moreaux (Japan), MI5 (Spain), Alphaville (Japan), Tectoniques(France).

Awarding Ceremony (9pm).  

Young Critics V edition winners are: first Carla Molinari, second Valerio Tolve, third Silvia Lenguito.  The special prize “Premio per la teoria d’Architettura” from Libreria di TransArchitettura went to the text “Jurassic Park & le Politiche del Making” written by Giacomo Pala.

Young Italian Architects III edition winners are: first Dfg Architetti with the project “archipelago bamboo skyscraper”; second Andrea Jasci Cimini with the project “la chiesa delle pietre perdute”; third Studio Paolo Didonè with the projectstairway to heaven”.

At the end a special party took place in the stunning Salone of Palazzo Widmann.

Organization: AIAC – Associazione Italiana di Architetttura e Critica_pressT/Factory

Partner: Studio Angelo Costa

Sponsored by: OIKOS – color and material for sustainable architecture

Associazione Italiana di Architettura e Critica

Worldwide Architecture Outside Star System

  loghi totali bis

Main sponsor of Architects meet in Fuori Biennale_OFF is Oikos, 30 years of colour and matter for sustainable architecture and expression of creative design that transforms spaces with products with a minimal environmental impact. This is all thanks to a manufacturing process that respects the highest ecological standards in order to guarantee the health and well being of those who live and work in these spaces. It is also the result of continual research into unique aesthetic solutions, maintaining the great Italian decorative tradition with a new outlook in order to be able to reinterpret surfaces.  Research that makes the meeting and communicating with architects fundamental: for each specific moment, Oikos together with these architects and designers, studies, re-elaborates, transforms and moulds its materials to offer solutions to wide ranging requirements. In this way, surfaces, from a simple decorative element, become an integral part of the architectural project. In this synergy with architects, Oikos trasforms an industrial product into an artisanal material, elaborated and made to measure for each situation. It is the textures, the chromatic variations, the continually changing applications, the relationship between the surfaces and light that lead to the creation of a new matter. A sustainable material that respects nature and human beings, that suggests and evokes emotion, that offers solutions and exhalts surface design. It is a common and shared work process in which each time a new design prospective is developed to together imagine new solutions and new sustainable materials.

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