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Centre for Earth Architecture – Kere Architecture

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The construction of the Centre for Earth Architecture accomplishes the activities of the AKTC in Mopti after the restoration of the mosque and the construction of a new sewerage system. The construction site has been gained by a backfill at the waterside of an interior lake and so the lakeside has been made accessible for public use. The program itself responds both to the needs of the district management Komoguel as to the visitors of the cultural facilities of the district.                                                                                                                  

Urban context and volumetry: From the crest of the dike the construction site and therefore also the building project are in one sight axis together with the mosque. The building is clearly structured and its building height responds to the existing fabric without compromising the view on the mosque. The visitor centre, according to its program is divided into three different buildings which are connected by two roof surfaces. All the walls and the barrel vaults are constructed of BTC (compressed earth blocks) which are very suitable to the climatic conditions for their natural temperature buffer and therefore guarantee comfortable indoor temperatures. The overhanging roof blocks the insolation on the walls and provides qualitative outdoor spaces. Ventilation openings in the walls and the vaults provide a natural flow of air so that the building conditioning works without mechanic backing. The landscape project includes wide public spaces and a promenade on top of the dike. The project for the new building responds to this initial planning as it keeps adjacent to the dike.  



Architects: KERE ARCHITECTURE, Diébédo Francis Kéré

Design team: Claudia Buhmann, Olivier Gondouin, Emanuela Smiglak

Structural engineering: Pichler Ingenieure GmbH, Berlin

Construction management and supervision: Aga Khan Trust for Culture: Christophe Bouleau, Christian Belinga,  Salif Koné

 Contractors: A. Wedraogo, BTC brick masonry, ATC-Mali Steel roofing, AKTC in-house team

 Client: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Tipology: School 

 Built area: 480 m² (gross)

Location: Mopti, Mali.

Image credits Courtesy of : Iwan Baan –  Photography

 Cost: 350 000 USD

 Design AND PLANNING phase (beginning and ending month, year): February 2010 – May 2010

 Construction phase (beginning and ending month, year): April 2010 – September 2010

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